Date Interval - get each day´s date for a flow run?

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I have a problem with how i use a flow.

My users report a start date and an end date to a sharepoint list.

Then i post a reminder of todays events and tomorrows event into Teams.

But if the user have entered a date interval of 3 days, the flow only picks up the startdate column data.

How can i force sharepoint to create a row for each day in the date interval?


For example, user answer my Microsoft Forms and enters startdate and enddate of their event.

but then i want to remind in teams about this event every day, not just at the start-date. I want a reminder each day. So if the date-interval is 10 days i want one reminder every day.


How to get the date for each day in flow?

Or if i could build a flow that breaks down a date interval and adds a row for each interval and use that list to pick out reminders like i do today.

Acutally that would be the best solution, i got the reminder flow running now, it works fine.

If i just could point that flow to a list containing all dates in a date column, it all would be solved.

How to break down a ten day interval so that each day get it´s own row startdate, date2, date3....date9, date10 (one for each row).





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Noone knows how to do this or a workaround solution to get each day for a multipleday event in an calendar?