Create Salesforce item when a new List item is created in SPO

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I am creating an automated flow to create a case in Salesforce when a new list item is created in SPO.  

Are there any resources available to show me the steps? My challenge lie with the fields that I need to send over from the list to the saleforce case. 


Thank you

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Hi @ALDINA3003,


I don't see any "case" actions in Power Automate for Salesforce. If Salesforce has Rest API support you could use custom HTTP actions.


I hope this helps.



Thanks! @stormin_30 


Any reference materials you know that I can use? 

I was thinking this template would do it 



Hi @ALDINA3003,


If a "record" is the same as a "case" is Salesforce then the template is definitely worth looking into. 


Here is the Salesforce Power Automate documentation: Salesforce - Connectors | Microsoft Docs

The HTTP rest API documentation would come from Salesforce. I would check-in with the Power Automate Community. I suspect more people there have experience with what you are trying to achieve.


I hope this helps.