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So I have a sort of a project. End goal is to allow people to book time on a group calendar for their days off.

I was thinking of using a Form or a PowerApp that presents a month view and they can click on the dates they want off. V2.0 should check to see if there are a certain # of people that have already requested that same day off and if it is over a certain #, deny it.

The UI should store the person's response in a SPO list.

Then Power Automate can block out a date on a group calendar and insert the person's name and email.

Is this doable? Thanks!

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@Jleebiker I have made a simple system that does this:


1. Create SharePoint List with start and end dates for leave, leave type and comment

2. Add a Flow to send item for approval - this out of the box flow looks up the line manager from AAD and sends an approval request

3. If approved the Flow creates an item in the SharePoint calendar

4. email person to say leave is approved or declined and email the payroll person with details



@Steve Knutson That's the meat of what I want to do. I want to build a UI though that shows a calendar view and lets people pick dates. It would record those selections into the SP list. It would also send those dates to a group calendar with people's names and email addresses.

@Jleebiker my solution doesn't show the leave calendar, I've done that in SharePoint and then added a form to request leave e.g. so the user can view the leave calendar in SharePoint and then request leave via a form.


Have you seen this? It explains how to connect the SharePoint Calendar to a PowerApp calendar view


@Steve Knutson 

I figured out how to create a form that will display what I want to:
Pick start date

Pick end date

Add name

Add email



I created a SPO list for this form, but trying to figure out how to send the data in the fields to the SPO list. Specifically, I don't know how to code the button to do the action when pressed.

Ultimately, my goal would be for the app to automatically insert the name and email so the user doesn't have to do it.


Once the data gets put into a SPO list, then that data would be added to a group calendar for that team.