New Planner tasks are not synchronized from (old) Project for the web

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The new Planner has been available in Teams since this week. We have many (old) Project for the web projects.

We hoped that the tasks would now appear for each user under My tasks.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even marked mails do not appear.

Brief background of our infrastructure:

We have an Exchange in hybrid mode. Our project management (based on the project accelerator) also runs in an extra environment, and not in the standard environment.

Could this be a problem, or will it simply take a little longer?

We have also tried it with a user who also has an online mailbox. It didn't work here either.

Does anyone have any advice and can help us?

Greetings from Germany 


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Hallo again,
In the meantime, I have carried out further tests. It looks like only tasks from Project for the web come when using the “Standard Environment”.

Is it possible to include other environments in the synchronization?
(not only the standard environment?!) 

Marked Mails in Outook:
The user needs an Exchange Online mailbox to be able to display flagged mails in Outlook!
--> this is working now