Stuck on Employment Verification with no indication of issue or how to fix

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We want to add our app to the Microsoft Store, the submission is ready however we cannot submit until the account has been verified.


In the Legal info section we have entered the company details and the process is stuck at Employment Verification.  Under rejected there is a clickable "Things to take care" which I assume displays the issues we need to resolve but which on clicking just makes the page jump a bit. It appears there's a javascript error on the page. We have no way to know how to proceed. Has anyone else encountered this? The Partner Center overall seems very buggy. The support requests we have logged generate an error when we try to access themlegal_info.png

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Yep, there seems to be something erroring in the page for some users. I've got the same issue for my verification, and stuck in limbo on this.
Hi - this is also happening to me - I have logged 3 support tickets over the last month and have had no resolution. Any ideas where we can escalate this? Thanks Fiona

@MissilentTech I've had a look as I'm facing the same issue, it appears that there is a typerror occuring here something in the actual system on the Microsoft side, thus the page won't appear and the front line techs aren't familar with this.

@VeryGood  same issue, seems to be stuck at employment verification.  Was expecting an email or something to click to verify.  Action notification item just spins and errors out.  

Has anyone found a fix? I suppose I could just give up on Microsoft. The majority of my customers are Apple / Android anyway.

@kylar182 I am trying to escalate this to the support team. I'll see what they come back with. 

In the Legal info section we have entered the company details and the process is stuck at Employment Verification.  Under rejected there is a clickable "Things to take care" which I assume displays the issues we need to resolve but which on clicking just makes the page jump a bit. I can see a failed JSON Parse message in the Browser Dev Console. The failed JSON Parse message reads as follows:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<!DOCTYPE "... is not valid JSON
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at XMLHttpRequest.Jo (
at v.invokeTask (
at Object.onInvokeTask (
at v.invokeTask (
at M.runTask (
at p.invokeTask [as invoke] (
at Z (
at N (
at XMLHttpRequest.B (

I am getting this error for a week now. Any ideas how to move forward?
We're giving up, I don't even show an option to submit a support ticket and from what I've heard they flat out ignore the tickets anyway. At least Microsoft was smart enough to let people side load applications and I don't really "need" the Windows store.

@kylar182 and @ashprasad have you had any movement on your tickets? I inquired with support, and they said it was resolved. I want to be sure you got it worked out. 

@Jill_Armour_Microsoft Hello, could you help me? I'm facing the same problem... and I don't even know how to open a support ticket

@Bruxones Sure! You can submit your support ticket here. You can always find the link on our discussion board resources box along with other important links. :)




I was not able to get it resolved. There was no change at all actually.
Hi I'm facing a similar issue but not getting a straight answer on what info on my profile is not matching the legal docs I've uploaded.

I've submitted a support ticket and after DMing Microsoft support on Twitter they told me to post directly on this thread and tag the community manager. Could I have this escalated somehow, not getting any straight answers from the support? (caseid: 2310130010004357)

@ellie_chris @dineenjohn I'm finding that most partners experiencing problems getting verified are submitting domain paperwork that has their domain listed differently than what they have registered on their Partner account. Double check that you registered the name EXACTLY, DOWN TO EVERY LETTER as it is on your domain paperwork.


If you update that you will be cleared in a day or so usually.


Can you share your domain registered name and your partner account name via private message? I am not support, but I may be able to spot what is wrong in your paperwork. 

Jill, I have yet to find the word "Domain" used anywhere in the partner center website. Do you think it's possible you're mistaken on the spelling or verbiage in some way?

@kylar182 Domain refers to your registered business name with a domain registrar. 


The paperwork you submit to get verified has to show your domain registered business name the same as your Microsoft partner registered business name, down to the letter!


Here are some links around domains and what is required for verification to help you find what you need and get verified. 


I hope that helps? 

This is needlessly complicated and unnecessary. I have been a partner for over 20 years, nothing has changed on my details, it used to be verified until I recently added CSP to my agreements and suddenly had to get re-verified. I have submitted my documents multiple times yet they refuse to tell me what the precise issue is. I just get badly worded auto responses in poor grammar.
I really am about ready to just forget the whole thing and cancel my partner agreement. Microsoft seem to have handed off partner verification to a bunch of people who have no idea how to communicate properly and have no interest in maintaining a good relationship with your partners.
You can’t even speak to them on the phone they refuse to, I’ve tried speaking to tech support and they just say that partner verification don’t have any phone extensions and won’t discuss things with people on the phone due to data protection, which frankly is ridiculous and just an excuse for their poor support.
I can quite happily talk to my bank on the phone or to Inland revenue so why can’t I speak to Partner Verification? What makes them so special??
@Jill_Armour_Microsoft we are in the same situation with other people here and even opening support ticket nothing has changed. I received verification approval for ParnerLocation ID but PartnerGlobal stuck at Employment verification step. We gave every document possible and checked every detail but this should not be complicated like this! Could you help us also? Thanks.