How do I open an existing OneNote notebook if I have the web link in OneNote itself?

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I have a OneNote notebook at home under my personal account and set this notebook to shared so at work I can access this notebook just by going to the OneDrive url shared link without having to sign into my personal account that controls this notebook, in Firefox or any other browser. However, I would like to use the OneNote program in my work computer but my work account is logged in to it. Is there a way I can still access my notebook using the shared url link inside OneNote itself because it would be much easier to make edits to this notebook rather than using a web browser which is still quite effective but I would even be more productive using the OneNote program itself.

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Hi @Bardock ,

> shared url link inside OneNote itsel

No, but you can open the private notebook in the Onenote at work.

File, Account - add your private account

then open your notebook..

And since you need YOUR credentials to access to YOUR profile at work, other people can't access that notebook on your machine, even if they can log in with their account.

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