Email via Outlook in OneNote for Windows 10

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Anyone have any luck with this? I'm only seeing Windows Mail and Twitter as sharing options when I go to send a copy of a page via e-mail in the Windows 10 OneNote app.

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Where is the Send a Copy via Email option at in the OneNote UWP? It is annoying that sharing in UWP apps can't share to Outlook.

@Bruce Weatherford - I agree... OneNote 2016 allowed you to share via outlook, but when sharing a page from the new version I only see the ability to share via the Mail app, skype (not for business), and Twitter. Seems like it should have MS Teams & Outlook before Twitter!

@Peter Mcdermott 

Did you discover any more information about sharing onenote pages via outlook I really miss not having this functionality, having to do this manually (copy/paste) is annoying

@MarkWP I don't have any update and I'm frustrated that Microsoft isn't being very active on UserVoice.


Here's the thread I started there if you'd like to upvote or comment:

@Peter Mcdermott 


I see the same thing when I select Share --> Share page - you only see the mail option and Skype option for business.


The workaround I found was this:

1) Highlight the content of the entire page that you want to send (I use CTRL A).  

2) Select Share --> Send copy of page

3) select the mail icon


Now my entire content shows up.  It seems that you have to highlight the content you want to send.  That needs to be fixed, but it works.


Hope this works for you!