Using Office 365 & Tasks via multiple products

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I'm trying to manage my tasks using Office 365 & Tasks via

  1. Outlook running on Windows
  2. Outlook running on MacOS
  3. Reminders app on IOS11.3
  4. Office 365 Tasks app on browser

and found out that this does really works only for Outlook running on Windows so Tasks are about to be thrown out of the window.


Thing that bothers me most, is that if I'm marking some task as finished in Outlook running on MacOS os Reminders app on IOS it does not (always) remove the notification and task notification reappers when I open Outlook for Windows and in there only way to get rid of this notification is to mark task as not finished, save and then mark it as finished. Only then the reminder is gone.


Very annoying.

Sometimes when I mark task as done on IOS, it will recreate another task which is not done (happens mostly with recurring tasks, but have happened with others as well). So now ended up just looking at tasks in Reminders app and not marking them as done at all, but that does not work very well when I'm on the move a lot of my time.


Also, on browser version it is really difficult or impossible to create recurring tasks with alert on specific day needed and thus I need to many times just wait until I have Windows/macOS Outlook on my hands.

Tried using O365 To-Do, but that was even more clumsier to use as it was digging out recurring tasks that were not really due to that specific day I was looking into...

I don't really want any 3rd party app on my IOS devices, so other than these *standard* ones that can integrate to Reminders app are out of the questions.

Has anybody else similar experiences? Any solutions other than switching to use IOS Reminders all together and ditch O365?

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It's pretty commin that third party apps syncing with Exchange end up with scenarios that don't quite work. It would be a problem for Apple really.


I would suggest taking a look at ToDo again, it's the future of tasks on Office 365 and will work across all those platforms and would be fully supported.