Send emails and calendar invites using two email addresses

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I own two domains--let's call them and I will be adding them both to the same Office 365 tenant. There is one user in my organization--let's call her 'user'--who will have as her primary address and as her alias. I would like this user to be able to do all of the following:


1. Send emails from either or 

2. Send calendar invites from either or (having two different calendars for this purpose is OK)

3. Do the above from Outlook on the web, desktop, and mobile (specifically iOS).


Is this possible? If not, which of the above is possible at least on one platform?


I have read all sorts of posts about this issue--some recommending creating 'dummy' POP accounts for the alias and others creating a private O365 Group (in which case should not be an alias for the user).

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Have you considered to use a shared mailbox for this scenario? I think it covers well the 3 requirement you have except the mobile part where you will have to use OWA on the device

This seems to be the best solution. I've read about it since I posted my question. See this post:


The first response by the user Bart Ramharter (scroll down to find it) indicates that it should work even on mobile. 


I created a shared mailbox a few hours ago but am still unable to "send as" that mailbox. Do you know how long it takes for changes to take effect?