O365 Public Folders - Only anonymous access is working for some users though they are domain users

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Hello Everyone,


We recently migrated Public folders from Onprem Exchange 2010 to Exchange online.  Some of the users not able to see all folders, those folders anonymous access is "None" & Default access is "Reviewer. When I change anonymous access is "Reviewer", they are able to see it. This is means, only anonymous access or explicity access working for them.


I understand that default access should work for all domain users. But here it is not working for some of them. All users are in same onprem active directory and syncing to same office 365 Tenant and assigned for E3 license.


Looking for the advice.


Thank you in advance,


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Hello @Gopinath Ganesan,


I am not sure the exact attribute that could be causing this for you, but I have a suggestion for how you could try to troubleshoot it. Hopefully someone comes along that can give you a more specific approach, but I had a problem with PF's after migration from 2010 to O365 (all be it a specific permission one, not anonymous vs default.) We tried all the logging we could think of etc, and in the end followed the below steps which ultimately resolved the problem.

1. Create a test PF in O365, and mirror the permissions you are seaking there for a few test users. 
- If this works as intended, do a PS dump of all attributes from that PF as well as one of the ones you are having issues with.

Get-PublicFolderClientPermission is where I would start. I would also probably do Get-PublicFolder, Get-MailPublicFolder

Put the exports into a CSV file, and combine the two, that way you have a direct line by line comparison to see if anything jumps out at you as wrong.
*This step solved our issue for ALMOST all of the PF's, we only had one it did not for. We had a few settings wrong that once adjusted fixed the behavior for most of them.


- If your test PF does not work, I would guess you have some organizational configurations off, so take your exploration there.


2. If your test box works, but no setting looks off, think about migrating the content. We had to do this for one of the boxes we could not figure out. I simply loaded up an outlook client on night with a profile that had permissions, did a PST export, then PST import outside of business hours, then in the morning, moved the mailbox name/SMTP address/etc to the new box. (this involved deleting the old box).

I realize its not ideal, but the steps above should resolve your issue, it is just more of the shotgun approach rather than a tactical strike. 

Hopefully someone comes up with something a bit more direct, but in lue of that, the above should work. 



Hi Adam,


Thank you for your help.

I did compare default public folders details for all the users who reported this issue. Their default public folder is same for all the affected users. I did change default public folder using the below command and after 30mins, it fixed the issue. Looks some issue with that public folder mailbox. I will raise ticket with Microsoft.


Set-Mailbox -Identity XXX@XXXX.com -DefaultPublicFolderMailbox "DefaultPubliFolderMailbox"


Thank you,



Good to know, and thanks for posting what solved the problem for any of us that are googling later with the same issue :)