MS Teams Breakout rooms - I want to choose and join a breakout room

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As a participant of a Teams meeting I want to choose which breakout room i want to join when they are open and want to switch (hop-over) between several breakout rooms.

Explanation in activities:
- the organizer opens the meeting in Teams

- attendees / participants will join

- the organizer will assign the presenters to different breakout rooms (eg. 10)
- the organizer starts the breakout rooms
- as an participant I want to select a breakout room which I want to join
- when I want to go to the main meeting again as a participant I leave the breakout room
- and when I want to join another breakout room I could easily join the other breakout room without the help of the organizer
As far as I know this is not (yet) possible with the breakout functionality in Teams.
Does anyone know if this feature will become available soon? @microsoft

Thanks in advance

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