QR or RFID card scan to cloud

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Good afternoon - We are looking for a solution to track, through MS 365, unique QR or RFID card scans.  The idea is to create unique ID cards (QR or RFID) to our members who will then scan them when they get to their appointment verifying they were there vs. our current process of them filling out paperwork and having the clinic sign it.  Our thought is we'd place a dongle RFID or QR Code reader at certain locations and give them a link to a form, an app, a website, etc that records the information from the card once scanned.  The challenge is we do not manage the individual sites so the solution would need to be easy enough that we provide the dongle reader, direct them to a site or install small app and when our members arrive and scan their card, the information is scanned to a secure spreadsheet or database that would document the date, time, card number and scan location.  The designated locations would rather scan a card then sign a paper (COVID-19, etc).  The intent is to add accountability and ease administrative work through a process of capturing attendance at various locations improving not only the experience of our members but the work needed to process these types of requests manually with paper.  We do have the full suite of MS 365 and are just learning about all the functionality and features it offers.  Thanks in advance.

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