Implement search and translation using term sets

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I am in trouble to achieve search feature similar as below link expected from one of my client. Can someone suggest any option to implement it in office 365 please.

expected functionality- Search based on client's term sets and search result should be translated in local language as below link.



Please help me.


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@AMOD_TIWARII think SharePoint's Managed Metadata Service provides a nice storage location for your customer to store his Terms. You could store translations for each Term as language-specific Labels on the Term and have a language-specific description for each term. 


Having all your data stored this way you'll end up developing a custom application to search through your data since O365/SharePoint doesn't provide a way to search through your terms in a way that's comparable to the site you are referring to. You could develop a SharePoint Framework WebPart if your application will be accessed through SharePoint pages (or Microsoft Teams). Alternatively you could  develop a custom Web Application hosted on Azure. In both cases you can make use of SharePoint API's to access your data.


Hope this helps!

Hi Paul,


Thanks to have a look and suggestion. I cant go through any custom solution, client is looking for some out of box feature to achieve this. 


I agree with your option using managed metadata service but i am new to this feature and not sure how to implement it. The requirement is like we have term Refrigerator in English, it should return in french and other languages also. 


Could you please suggest some steps to implement labels. Also is it searchable or can be used as refiners only. 


Thanks in advance for your valuable time.


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Creating labels is quite straightforward when using SharePoint s term store administration pages.

The service is designed to be used for tagging content stored in SharePoint with the result that searches on that content can be refined by the terms. In this case however you could in my opinion perfectly benefit from the basic built in storage and translation features as a foundation for your solution.

The built in search experience within the term store itself however is very limited so I think you should provide a custom user experience for that.

If you are looking for a solution without any customization I think you'll have a hard time finding one within the scope of O365...