Find a Time Missing from OWA Calendar

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The "Find a Time" meeting poll feature has disappeared from both my E3 North American Tennant and that of one of my clients (also E3, North American).  The feature was there about 3 weeks ago.  


I posted about this in response to the Change Alert Thread that was created in April (  Based on responses to my question there and results from additional web searches, It appears that the feature is still enabled for some tenants but missing for others.


Any ideas on what's going on?

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Disappeared here too, judging from the comments in the other thread it might be related to the add-in being pulled out of the store. No idea who on MS side can help with that though, lets try @Nino Bilic?


The add-on was never installed on my tenant.  The feature appeared in OWA around the time the thread was posted in the Change Alert group. I was under the impression that the feature was added to OWA natively with the eventual plan of enabling the feature across all the clients.  The removal of the add-on and enabling in OWA was the first step.





A little update - I'm obsessed since the people I'm working with want this NOW.  The feature is listed on the RoadMap as rolling out (Feature ID: 14873).  The last update to the entry was on 8/8/17.  Hopefully, they are actively working on getting this rolled out.


Interestingly, there was another Meeting Poll feature entry on the road map with the ID of 56796.  It's no longer on the road map but an archived version is available on RoadMapWatch.  Perhaps that feature was removed and is getting replaced with new code.  


I am still waiting until this Find a time is being added to my users.

I have it (I am in first release) but my users can't see the option.


Someone else with an update.