File ownership and NTFS permissions removed from Office documents

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Have a good one here. We have some non-domain computers accessing a share on a domain file server. There is a firewall that is allowing 445/SMB for drive mappings via AD authentication. Users are able to create a word or excel document just fine, but when that very same document is opened for editing and then saved, the file (from the users perspective) disappears. But what is really happening is the ownership and ntfs permissions are being removed. I go back in and fix ownership, add an entry in the permissions area and boom, all inherited permissions show up as normal. This is only happening to Office documents, txt files etc are able to be created, opened, edited, and saved with no issues. We've tried mapping the drive as different users, different group memberships, and with full permissions, with the same results. Identical issue as this post


Any thoughts, or ideas are welcome.... thanks!

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@Jason1880  Anyone find an answer to this? we seem to have a very similar issue. For us it is Domain Joined computers but over a VPN connection. Same results. New save is good, any additional save appears to remove the ownership permissions and the file goes poof to the user. Admin h as to add the ownership back in. 


@Jason1880 We were having the same issue on an old 2008 R2 FS cluster and now the issue is happening on new Server 2019 File Server cluster as well.


same happening with us.  Started about a week ago.  These are files stored on 2008 R2 server, being accessed across VPN.  Have not verified if it is only affecting existing files that are opened, edited and then saved, or if it's affecting new files as well.  


Hard to test the VPN theory however, with 99% of the company working from home.  I may try to test using on-prem VM via RDP and see if I can replicate - or not. 


Manually resetting owner is kind of a pain.  Simple reboot of the server did not help.  Was glad to see we are not alone!


@jrvandy  @Jason1880 Try running this elevated powershell. 


Set-MpPreference -DisableScanningNetworkFiles $true


lmk if it fixes for you.



@Jason1880 Not sure if any answer to this ? I have also started to experience this with a User in the past week. Driving me nuts Excel file It is a Home user though over VPN. Odd thing is we have 5 other members of same team with same corporate build on laptop i.e. Same version of windows and office all working remote accessing the same file share but just the one user experiencing the permissions on the file vanishing.  it saves the file just no credentials against it remain not even Admin total blank sheet I have to take ownership of it and re-pull/push the top folder permissions. This is Server 2012.  Win10 Laptop Build 1909 enterprise.