Editor Crashing Office Ver 2005. Urgent help needed as this is work critical. Thank you!

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Hi everyone,


I am currently on a Surface Pro 7 using the latest Windows updates (pre May 2020) and have just received the latest Office Build (Version 2005).


I am severely sight impaired and cannot see misspelled words or the red lines below them. I therefore rely on spell-checking all my documents. The issue now is that every time I run the editor, Office crashes when I select a correction. The editor does not crash on the main screen showing the total number of suggestions, just when I specifically select 'Spelling' or 'Grammar', for instance.


This is really problematic as I really need this to work and rolling back versions is apparently not easy to do. My work involves my PhD thesis and a startup where I need to submit daily documents. My documents will take much longer to proof and may still have errors if I don't have the power of the editor.


I am very thankful for any of your help. I have already tried reinstalling Office from the internet so I'm not quite sure what else to try!

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