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I have been trying to change the language for my Office 365 programs for a while now and somehow it is not working. It is currently set to Dutch (my native language) but I know all Excel formula commands in English for example. The options menu tells me the display language of the Office programs needs to correspond with the language of Windows, which I've now set to English. The same goes for my 365 account. However, the language in Excel, or any other office program for that matter, remains Dutch. I am looking for a solution to change this?


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Do you see "English" listed in the Options, under the "match display language" entry? If not, you have to download and install a language pack:

I have the same. I see both Dutch and English as options for both editing and UI language, but changing the UI language doesn't have any effect...



Despite it was already listed in the Language options, I have just installed the English language pack. After that I was able to set English as my preferred UI language as well as Edit language.


So for some reason the language option was listed, but not working until I've installed the actual Language Pack.


The language pack can be found here:


I have a similar problem. It doesn't matter how many times I tell Office 365 I want my default language to be English (Australia) it will keep changing it back to English (USA). Seriously this language problem has been hanging around for over a decade. You'd think by now it would just work. If my locale says I live in Australia, just default my language to English (Australia) and leave it there! How complicated is that?

Thx @Paul Pascha, this solved my problem also.

Still working for Office 2019/Insider... :)


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I have tried this with the downloads and it still doesnt work :(

My o365 install is in German. As an english language user, the online version of excel is showing up as deutsch for me, with no options to change.

the download did not help.