Bad Alias Address in Federated User's ProxyAddresses

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We are using ADFS to create Office 365 accounts and for authentication. When a user is created, 2 aliases are created. One with and These are then synchronized to our on premise AD.

Currently we are migrating from GroupWise to Office 365. When a user is migrated the tool creates a rule that forwards mail to the

I have a user, When she was created in Office, the aliases were created as and She can now receive Joe Doe's forwarded email. On our on premise AD, she has the proper proxyaddresses, and Since we are using ADFS we cannot modify these addresses from the Admin console, and the on premise AD has the correct addresses.

I expect that I can repair this in Azure AD, but there is no option to replace the proxyaddresses in the set-azureaduser commandlet.

Any suggestions will be welcomed, I would prefer to have the powershell commands to do this, but a manual process will work, too.

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So to understand correctly, the and are only showing in local AD and not in Azure AD?

There is a "workaround" that allows you to play with the aliases of a synced user, to an extent. Namely, you can use the following:


Set-Mailbox -WindowsEmailAddress


This will set as the primary SMTP, while preserving as secondary. There is no way to remove any aliases though, unless you disable DirSync. Well, there is, but you will not like it - you need to make the user a "disconnector", by deleting it and the recovering from the Office 365 recycle bin. Not supported in any way :)