Autoresponder AND Delete AND Forward?

Ben O'Neill
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Hi all

I'm new to the exchange (Office 365) admin game and was hoping for some tips and tricks.


My questions today all relate to the deleting/forward/autoresponse to incoming emails, in a number of different scenarios.


1. When a staff member is replaced (let's say John is leaving and Jane is replacing him)...how would I go about setting it up so that all new emails sent to John are forwarded to Jane, are then deleted from John's inbox, and the sender is notified that John has left.

2. We usually shut our emails off over the Christmas break. How can I delete the incoming emails AND appropriately notify the senders. Last year we used a rule that basically blocked the incoming emails, but the senders received a response that was basically a delivery notification failure with a short message that couldn't really explain what we were doing because of limited character space.


That's about it for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)




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Both scenarios fall into the "Exchange is not really designed for this" area. First of all, if you want a reply to be sent on every mail, you have to use a rule, not the OOO/Autoreply option. In order to fire the rule, the mail should reach some mailbox which one depends on where you have configured the forwarding. For the latter, there are multiple ways it can be done, depending on what is the current state of John's mailbox. If the mailbox exists, "regular" forwarding should work fine, otherwise use a Transport rule. Another option is to use an Inbox rule, which of course again requires that the mailbox still exists. The delete action should also be done via an Inbox rule, and should be the last one set.


Have you considered simply assigning the address(es) John uses to another mailbox?

Have a look at Autoreply 365


Have you tried Microsoft Flow to achieve this ? Its pretty flexible as described in the following link

Auto Respond to Leavers emails using Microsoft Flow

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