Add external email domain to approved internal only dist list.

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We currently have our internal distribution list setup so only, people from domain),  ex: I can send a email to, but if somebody outside our organization tries to send an email to it, it would be rejected .    Is there a way to add another organizations to that list.   We now want  to be able to send emails to that dist list along with ours, but nobody else.

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Hmm, AFAIK, don’t think you could add it to the DL specifically without setting it to accept from external, then having to put a mail rule on there.

You could try the following

1.) Set up a shared mailbox
2.) Set rules on the shared mailbox to only accept from the external domain
3.) Set a forwarder on the shared mailbox to the DL

Let me know how it goes would be interested to see if this works

Best, Chris