Add Exchange attributes to ActiveDirectory

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I would like to extend my Active Directory schema for Office 365.

I need to modify the attribute msExchHideFromAddressLists, but I use my local AD to synchronize to Office 365 with AADConnect, and I never had Exchange on-premise server.


I found some discussions like this one : or this one :


But I don't want to take any risks in doing so. What is the danger of doing this?

Is the update schema in AADConnect is long?

I'm a little bit afraid to extend my schema and that nothing work after that.

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There's always a risk, but using the Exchange setup to do this is painless, reliable and fast, so just go for it.

@Vasil Michev thanks for this information. Do you know how long the schema update in AAD take?

Depends on your AD infrastructure, but usually it's very fast, minutes.

Id say from 1-10 min depending on environment