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Our Apple team have been hard at work in the past few months, bringing out lots of great new features, from Siri shortcuts, to the much-requested share extension. Let’s dive into everything that’s been released recently.  

Let’s start with Siri Shortcuts 

Not familiar with Siri Shortcuts? We’ll give you a quick rundown. Siri Shortcuts are designed to take the normal actions you use in various apps and allow you to add them to Siri. Through the Shortcuts app you can also run a variety of automations, such as “open a list when I get to a particular location”.  

Interested? Let’s get you set up. Head to your To Do settings on iOS13 and you’ll notice a new addition—Siri Shortcuts. From here you can set up a Siri shortcut to let you add a task to a particular list or to open a list. You can set up a number of shortcuts that link to different lists. 

Add a task via Siri 

  • In Siri Shortcuts in your To Do settings you’ll see two options: Add Task or Open List. Tap on the plus button next to Add Task 
  • First you can choose the phrase you want to use with Siri, for example if you want a shortcut to add something to your Grocery list then you might want to change the When I say phrase to “Add Groceries”.  
  • Then tap on the option under Do. Here you’ll see “Add Task to [list name]” Click on the list name and all your other lists will pop up. Select your Grocery list, and head back to the Add to Siri page.  
  • If you also want the task to be added to My Day, set as important, or to automatically add a reminder, due date or note, then tap on show more and configure it as you’d like.  
  • If you’re happy with your shortcut, tap Add to Siri. 
  • Time to test it out. Say “Hey Siri”, or bring up Siri and say, “Add Groceries” (or your chosen phrase), Siri will ask you what you want to add and then you can say the particular grocery item, e.g. Bananas. Siri will reply, “Ok, added” and you should find it waiting for you in your Groceries list.  

    Add tasks with Siri shortcutsAdd tasks with Siri shortcuts


Open a list 

  • If you want to quickly glance at that Groceries list, then you can set up a shortcut for that too. Head back to the main Siri Shortcuts menu and choose Open List.  
  • Choose your chosen phrase, e.g. “Open Groceries List”. 
  • Tap on the field under Do, tap on List and choose that Groceries list. 
  • Head back to the Add to Siri page and tap on the Add to Siri button. 
  • Now test it out. Say “Hey Siri”, or bring up Siri and say, “Open Groceries List. In a flash Siri will have opened up that Groceries list.  

    Open lists and add tasks with Siri shortcutsOpen lists and add tasks with Siri shortcuts

You can create different phrases for different lists and tasks e.g. “Open My Day”, or “Add Work Task”. 

Once you’ve created these shortcuts, read on to see what else you can do with them.  

Add your Shortcut to your Home Screen or Widget 

  • Head to the iOS Shortcuts app and you’ll see all the shortcuts that you’ve set up.  
  • Tap on the chosen Shortcut, and from there you’ll see the option to add it to your Home Screen or to show in Widget, giving you a super easy way to add a task or access a list quickly.  
  • And if you want to delete your shortcut then long-press on it and you’ll see the option to delete it. 

It’s time to experiment with locations, and more. 

In the Shortcuts app you can start to play with linking different apps together. Or go to the Automation tab and create a Personal automation. Here you could choose to Open My Day when your alarm is stopped, or when you arrive at work, 15 minutes before you commute home you could be reminded to open your Groceries list.  

Try adding a shortcut to open your Groceries list when you get to the supermarket: 

  • Head to the Automation tab, tap on the plus button, and choose Create Personal Automation. 
  • Tap on the option to Arrive and then choose your preferred supermarket location. Tap on Next. 
  • Tap on Add Action and choose To Do from Apps. 
  • Tap on Open List, and then tap on List to see all your lists. Tap on Next 
  • You’ll see the summary of the shortcut, if you’re happy with it then tap on Done. 
  • When you get to that location you’ll be asked if you want to run the Shortcut. Run it and the list will pop, ready for you to get shopping. 

    Add automations in the Shortcuts appAdd automations in the Shortcuts app


Phew, that’s enough about Shortcuts. Set up a cool To Do shortcut? Let us know. On to the share extension.  

Share links to your lists 

As you browse the internet or look for a location in Maps, you might spot something that you want to save for later reference. Hit the share button and you’ll find To Do as an option, tap on it and you can choose which list you want to save it to. And, that’s it. Pretty simple, right? 

share sheet gif.gif

Watch videos in To Do 

So, you’ve added those links, now what? Head to the task and you’ll see that we’ve added a Preview to your links (you can turn these off in Settings). If it’s a video link, then hit the play button and you can watch it straight from To Do.  

That’s it from us for the latest releases. We also brought out drag and drop, and dark mode recently so check here for more details on those.  Want to hear about all the cool stuff on our other platforms? We’ll give you a rundown in the new year, so stay tuned.  

New Contributor

👦🏼Great, for use To-Do with voice,

I hope to support Google  Android for use To-Do with voice, Android 9, 


This is awesome ;). Anyway to do this for Alexa too? That would be pretty nice. 

Senior Member

So this is cool.  The open list function works well.  The add task doesn't work under these circumstances.


I have a short cut created that says:


Add To Do Task.  The underlying logic says:


Add Task to Tasks.


When I say, "Add To Do Task" Siri opens and says what task do you want to add?


If I say, "check my email"  Siri replies sorry there was a problem with the app.


I must be doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what that is.



Occasional Contributor

The sharing feature has been the one I’ve been wanting the most! I like to clip things for reading later but just dumping it in OneNote won’t help me to remember to read it. I can now compile a reading list and take action on those items without having to use Trello for that.

Occasional Visitor

@Keturah Cummings this is great - is there ANY WAY that we can have the same Sharing Ability in the Mac OS X Store App? As I understand it it's just adding the Share Function as an Apple Extension in the App so the OS sees it as an option. It HAS BEEN an option with Wunderlist forever to use as freely as any other To Do App on a Mac, and I've been fine with everything you've done to simplify and streamline To Do, but there are some integration areas that Wunderlist has been critical to keep everything synced between all of our devices that To Do just hasn't reached yet. I'm trying desperately to use To Do exclusively so I don't have to worry about losing anything in Wunderlist when it gets shut down, but until you guys can provide that I'm having to add things to Wunderlist on my Mac and then add them to a new list that I then have to import into To Do and it's really a pain.

This is what I mean:

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 6.35.06 AM.png

Microsoft To Do Apple Extension Needed.gif


Thanks so much for passing it on to Dev Team for us!


Occasional Visitor

And while we're asking for things :) haha... Google Integration would be AMAZING - again with Wunderlist I am able to switch between a few different Google Accounts (namely my personal/private and 2 different work accounts) and access completely separate Iterations! Keeps me sane to be able to complete things in a list and reach "Inbox 0" rather than the soul-crushing depression that comes with a NEVER ENDING Cavalcade of seeing everything in your entire life staring at you like 100 - 800lb Gorillas :) 

*Please* *And* *Thank You*


Great Article.

The issue I am facing when trying to add a new task is the following (Which is an iOS limitation rather than MS To Do)

1- When you say "Hey Siri, Add New Task"; the iPhone will ask "You need to unlock your iPhone first"

2- I prefer to add tasks with iOS Reminders as you can finish adding the task in one sentence (Hey Siri, remind me to renew my car license") and synch the reminders tasks with my Office 365 account, while with MS Todo; you need to do it in 2 stages; ("Hey Siri, add new task") then Siri replies back with "To Do says; what task do you want to add" then you need to say ("renew my car license") which is quite lengthy process.

Occasional Visitor

This is excellent - thank you. 

One question: I successfully created the shortcut to create To Do Tasks with Siri. The challenge: The app doesn't sync the task until I launch the To Do app on my phone. In other words:

- "Hey Siri Add To Do" with my phone, pause, "Do the dishes"

- Wait any amount of time. Check Outlook Tasks. Nothing. 

- Open the To Do on my phone, the task appears in Outlook within seconds after launching the app.  


How can I get this to work without having to launch the app? (FYI Background App Refresh is "on" in settings and greyed out - - it cannot be switched off). 

Occasional Visitor

Haha, this seems like Microsoft surrendering to Apple. Looks like they finally caved.

Senior Member

To Do seems to have disappeared from my iOS sharing options and it is really problematic for me. Same with EndNote. For a few brief months everything was perfect, but now it’s a problem managing the flow of knowledge I need.

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