Webinars Registration & Limits

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I would like to know two things:

1. Do we have the ability to cap registration for an event?  example:  I only want 40 attendees in a webinar

2. Do we have the ability to bulk register a group of people rather than having them self register?

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1. Not currently a feature.
2. Why would you like that? The registration part is about finding out more specific information about the people attending, such as their interests, roles, requested topics etc.

The registration isn't necessary for joining. Anyone with the link will be able to do that.
1. Yes. You can use a lobby and stop attendees after reach 40
2. Yes. Immediately after scheduling the webinar, edit the meeting and select "Meeting Options"

@rfavini But who gets to decide who will join (admin nightmare), not the most fair join process really when it should be a built-in limit you can adjust according to first come, first served.

@ChristianJBergstrom  It's in house mandatory training.  Bulk registration would happen the day before the training due to Class size limit and to avoid sharing of the link so the class is over 40.  Yes it is going to be my nightmare :D.


Each class will have a trainer and producer so we will probably have to use the registration set up in Forms as an attendance sheet