Using Microsoft Teams to channel support requests

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We are a small team consisting of 6 employees and are active in software development. In addition to our development tasks, we are also responsible for supporting employees from other teams (> 50) who use the software we implemented.


Since we all know each other, everyone is currently writing to the respective employee in our team directly via Microsoft Teams if there are problems, leading to constant interruptions during work (each person in the team currently receives around 1-2 support requests per day). We wonder whether we could channel these inquiries a bit with the help of Microsoft Teams without introducing a formal ticketing system, which would be an overkill in our case.


Basically, we want all employees outside the team who need support to chat with a generic user (e.g., #IT-support) first. Before that, we would have to have defined somewhere which employee of our team will support on which days, and the chat requests would be automatically forwarded from the generic user to this employee.


Has anyone already done something similar in Microsoft Teams and could give us a few tips on how to start? Or are there better ways of realizing our use case in Microsoft Teams?

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I've seen a few companies use teams for support.
Create a open Team for support, create channels for different specialties, mark the top thread with the thumbs up once it has been completed.

That is a very good idea. Thanks!

Hi John,
We, Instant Tech, have created a few applications that provide\enable inbound support requests, from the MS Teams UI, directly into your service desk. We have a new SaaS offering that sounds like it might be helpful. Our app, Instant Chime V5, provides the inbound channel, can route the requests to your service desk agents, tracks everything, and includes FAQs and some AI integration (ChatGPT) for self service.
You can take a look here:
Our previous version required a bunch of complicated configuration and stand up - our new version would allow you to onboard very quickly.
Happy to have you take a look.