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I have direct routing implemented and would like my Teams users to have the ability to enter 3 digit extensions to reach users that are on our PBX (asterisk).

I made some teams translation rules but how can i check if it is translating?

This is my dial plan rule:

Pattern: ^(1\d{2})$

Translation: $1


My translation rules:

Identity : Add
Name : Add
Description :
Pattern : ^(\d{3)$
Translation : 0000000$1

Identity : AddPlus52
Name : AddPlus52
Description :
Pattern : ^(\d{10})$
Translation : +52$1



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Firstly we need to configure the SIP Trunk between the PBX (Asterisk) and AudioCodes. Post that you need to configure the rules in the AudioCodes SBC to route the Three Digit Calls to PBX (Asterisk). Excluding the 911 calls.

You can always test the rules if that is converting the same in the following location
1. Teams Admin Center > Dial Plan > Normalization Rules.

You can test your normalization rules if that is working or not. Let me know in case you need any additional information's.

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