Teams Meeting Notes As Sidebar

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Hi all,

I wanted to know if there was still a way of showing Teams meeting notes as a sidebar and not in a new window.
I find it a lot easier to take notes while being able to watch the meetings window and not needing to continuously alt+tab during a meeting.

I know this is how it was in the past, and I saw in a video that we used to have an option to turn on or off the "new meeting experience"  but it seems that option is gone now.

Is there a way to bring the meeting notes option back to the sidebar?


Thanks for your time and any help you may be able to provide.

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Hi @ohanoch  From this document, it looks like the new window opens if the "new meeting experience" has been enabled (so it can be disabled?).  Hope this helps: Take meeting notes in Teams (

Thank you Therese for your response!
I see on older youtube videos that people have this option in their Settings but I do not see it in mine. I think MS must have taken that option off?

@ohanoch Hi!

Are there any updates about this issue? I am struggling with the same thing. It was much more convenient to take meeting notes in the sidebar during the meeting. The switching between the different windows just confusing.



@RichardFejes I don't know if there has been any solution to this. I gave up on finding a better solution, putting both windows in a split screen was as close as I could get but that was not really comfortable and I just ended up not using meeting notes at all.