Teams Live to Teams corporate chat

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I worked at MS and could maintain a chat between myself and my clients that also used Teams in their organizations.  I'm no longer at Microsoft and would like to use Teams Live to connect and chat with people using their corporate Teams account.  How can I do that?  Thanks!

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Hi @JMCbus   Teams Live Events isn't really set up for that type of collaboration - it's a "one way" means of presenting to a larger audience and "chats" can only happen in a window, not live or via video face-to-face.  But if that's what you want to do, here's a place to start: Get started with Microsoft Teams live events - Office Support


For a more personal and interactive experience, I'd suggest using the Teams meeting app via the desktop client or web browser.  Chat, Meetings, Calling, Collaboration | Microsoft Teams

Hi @ThereseSolimeno.  Thanks for the reply.  My apologies.  I'm not using the product names correctly.  I am using which I was calling Teams Live.  I want to create a chat between my account and someone on Teams on their corporate account.  When I had a Teams enterprise account at my employer, I could create a persistent chat with someone else at a different organization that also has a Teams enterprise account.  I am unable to create a persistent chat between my account and their enterprise Teams account.  I am trying to figure how (or if it can even ben done) to create a chat between my account and their enterprise Teams account.  So far it looks like this can't be done, which is disappointing.  It looks like the only want to do this is for them to create their own personal account on, which I don't want them to have to do.  The people I am trying to do this with already use Teams and it would be useful/helpful for them to keep all of their chats/ communication in one place and be able to add me to chats that I can access through