Teams Header Not Showing ( No Mute / Leave And Other Option Showing)

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Today When I opened Teams and after click on Join button 

I am not able to see any option on top 

like Mute button / Leave button / 3 dots  and etc 

I installed and reinstalled again but same issue coming again and again 

I am using window 10 

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Same issue, is there a fix yet?


Now MS has fixed the issue. Try close the desktop app fully and open it again. it should show again.




Yes now this is working fine Thanks

@AngusWu I tried doing that but I am unable to view it. I even restarted my laptop but I couldn't access it.

@DivyaSantoshKapoorwhat's the version of your teams. I bet it's also related to your teams version. Mine is, and make sure yours is up to date. 

@AngusWu Hi, My teams is also updated, but this updates has a lot of issues. When in a call from my organization account, the teams header is missing. When I am in a call from my personal account, it seems to be working fine. 

Make sure you try log out of teams and log back in if it doesn’t work