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Hey everyone, I need your support help on this Teams issue.  

Teams User 1 makes a call to the reception (Auto Attendant/Call Queue). The receptions transfers the call to Teams User 2 with the option “Ring back if there's no answer”.

User 2 does not answer the call. (User 2 does not decline, just leave it ringing)

The call is returned to the reception.


What is now the problem: When the reception wants to pick up the “unanswered call” from Teams User 2, he will not hear the initial Teams User 1. The call will also keep on ringing at Teams User 2.

From the moment Teams User 2 declines the transferred call, the reception will be able to hear Teams User 1 again, and the call disappears at Teams User 2. Any help please?



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Need more information on your set up. Are you using a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing set-up? If yes we might have to investigate the configuration on the Session Border Controller.

Additionally can you test the below call flow as well
PSTN User1 calls the Auto Attendant or Call Queue and receptionist answers the call. Now receptionist transfers the call to Teams User2, If the Teams User2 doesn't answers the call what happens? Does the receptionist cannot hear the voice for the PSTN User1.

If the above situation doesn't works as well we need to look into the SBC configuration. Additionally can you also check the entire list of Ports and IP Address are allowed on the Firewall.

With Regards,
Satish U