Option to auto-convert a Teams Wiki to OneNote is no longer available?

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I know the Wiki feature is end-of-life and has been for a while. Our environment has not transitioned fully to New Teams yet; most of our users are still on Teams Classic, which at least allows them to still see their Wiki tabs and open them in the "Wikis" app. (This is not even an option in New Teams.)


We need to support our users in getting their wikis transferred over into OneNote as easily as possible, and I was relieved to see that Microsoft had provided instructions for how to do this...but they don't appear to be applicable anymore. The instructions say: "In the Wiki tab, select Get details > Export to Notes > Finish."


The problem is that these instructions were for a previous version where the wiki tab was still active and you could view the wiki in its tab in the channel. As of a couple versions ago, navigating to your wiki tab simply produces a message that you'll have to open it in the "Wikis" app, and a button that takes you to that app. There is no "Get details" option in the Wikis app, so the automated conversion from Wiki to OneNote appears to no longer be an option. I am extremely reluctant to tell our 10k+ users that they will need to manually copy and paste all their wiki contents into OneNote when there was an auto-conversion available pretty recently.


Does anyone have another method to easily convert the Teams Wiki to OneNote, or is there a trick to getting it to offer that option again?

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Exporting was available since October 2023, the option is unfortunately gone now:

Stage 3: February 2024 (April 2024 for GCC, GCCH, and DoD)
From this point onward, neither Wiki tabs nor the Wiki app will be accessible through Teams. Users will no longer have the ability to export their wikis. However, users will still be able to download their wiki files from SharePoint.