New Teams - presence broken in Outlook 2016, checkbox disappeared in Settings

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With the introduction of client version 49/24021528611, all of our users have lost the checkbox in settings that let them set the New Teams as the default chat app for Office 365.


Previously, I had run a powershell script to fix the functionality of that checkbox, as described here.

It was working until client version 49/24021528611 was installed. 

We're running Office 2016, version 16.0.4266.1001


EDIT 3/20/2024

on a call with Microsoft yesterday afternoon, we were able to temporarily fix this issue by logging out and back in to Teams. This had the effect of rolling back the client version to 49/24020205514, which seemed to be causing the issue. However, upon logging out of our machines, once we logged back in, both issues returned, and the client version was once again the one we’re having trouble with, 49/24021528611. The "Teams Version" doesn't seem to be relevant, only the client. Continuing to investigate today.

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@ccboyle We have the same behavior in our environment.

I uninstalled both old and new versions of Teams and reinstalled and this fixed the issue for us. We're on 365 not 2016 though so may or may not have the same effect for you.
We tried that too and the issue came back after a reboot.
Same Issue :\
Outlook 2016
Microsoft Teams version 24033.811.2738.2546.
We submitted a ticket with Microsoft but have not heard back. Same exact scenario for us. It appears to be at its root client version 49/24021528611. A repair or uninstall reinstall works fine for a bit. But soon after the client updates back to 49/24021528611 and the presence in Outlook once again fails.

Anyone got any any more word from MS?
I and several others have a case open with MS about it, still waiting to hear back after my request was escalated



We got a new client version this morning and the issue with presence and Teams popping to the foreground in front of other windows persists.






Same issue in our environment with New Teams and 64bit Office 365. reinstalling the app temporarily fixes this the issue, but it returns on client update. I have had a new update this morning now on client version: 49/24021528615, the problem still persists.
Case also open with Microsoft support.
MS case was updated and there is a new version being pushed to fix this. I received a new update this morning which I believe is the updated version. Waiting on some of my end users to confirm. Update version is 24033.813.2773.520

Mar 26, 2024, 12:23 PM CDT
The deployment of the code change is continuing to progress as expected and is still anticipated to saturate all affected environments by Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

Mar 25, 2024, 4:59 PM CDT
We’ve determined that a recent Microsoft Teams desktop update introduced a code issue that is causing the impact. Our code change to remediate this issue has begun deployment and we expect that it will saturate all affected environments by Tuesday, April 2, 2024. We’ll provide regular updates on the progress of the deployment and any changes to the estimated completion timeline.
multiple users are facing same issue . this is issue in MSTeam and Team apps registry(regedit) .
Microsoft team has to fix this. . new teams login -logout will fix issue on temporary only .
finally i rollback to skype and set Skype(Lync) as default IM Providers.

Does anyone have this fix working? Seems for us (Outlook 2021/365) the status is showing up again, but no colored icon? Teams Version 24060.2623.2790.8046., Client 49/24022924517.





Did this new version fix the issue for you? We are still experiencing the issue and have received updates up to and including this morning with no change. @Matthew_Cox1305 

Seen sevral new versions of New Teams still not working for us. I have a case open with Microsoft Support still no resolution.  @dmulkeen 

We also have a case open with MS but have heard nothing.  In our case it's Outlook 365 and new Teams but the same behavior. 

I found a fix/workaround today.  We're still using Islands for our coexistence mode in Teams.  I changed my account to Teams only coexistance mode and the fourth box is back and the presence is showing again in Outlook.

Apparently not. The presence issue is still present.
That makes sense. We don't see this issue for people who are Teams only. Only for people who are still using SfB.