New Teams Desktop Not Consistently Opening for Meeting Links (VDI)

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I have a user where clicking to join scheduled meetings in Outlook doesn't consistently open Teams desktop.  The times that it fails to open (basically nothing happens), they have to click "Continue in Browser", which is a worse experience.  We can't seem to find a pattern, other than if they click to join from the little pop-up window after a meeting as started, Teams desktop opens every time.


I understand that Teams for VDI is its own animal and maybe we just need to wait to see if whatever is going on is fixed in a newer version, but I thought I'd check to see if this is a common issue.

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We have the same problem in our Citrix environment after switching to the new Teams client.
When a user clicks the "Participate" button in the Outlook calendar, nothing happens. If you click on the link behind it, you end up in the web browser and not in the new Teams client.
There are no real indications as to where this could be coming from.

I hope we can find more community members with the same problem.