My Laptop shuts down during TEAMS calls

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Like few other collogues I'm using a new Lenovo L13 Yoga. We are using Microsoft TEAMS as our formal application for conference and video calls.
Recently we started facing a "random" issue in which after some time in the call, the computer shuts down. the shut down accrues without a warning and it is a brute force shutdown i.e. without a safe close of all applications. It is as if you were pressing a long press on the power button.
We tried to reinstall TEAMS and to make sure that our laptops are working with the latest update, with no change.

Did anyone ever faced this phenomenon?

Any suggestions?



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I have the same problem with an Acer. It started this year and only happens when I am running on my battery. No problem when I am plugged in.

Hi @Sam Cosby,

I have a new Asus Vivobook and getting this issue of regularly shutting down and reboot on Teams calls continuously also. Incredibly frustrating and unprofessional image i'm sure you can appreciate.
I note this thread is from 2021 but at the back end of the comments, there are notes coming in again. Is this a new issue now occurring on Asus and Acer machines and is there a known fix for these machines?

@MeMark1675Hi, I also have the same problem with a recently purchased Asus VivoBook laptop (X515JA - i7-1065G7). Aside from the unprofessional image as indicated, my laptop has shut down 3 times this morning during a job interview conducted using Microsoft Teams. This is a shutdown without a restart. A fault description is shown in the "bad_module_info" page found in

Control Panel >All Control Panel Items >Security and Maintenance >Problem Details

Unfortunately if I try to paste that information page on here it reverts me back to typing all this in all over again. Like many previous threads on this issue I am amazed that this issue is not given a higher priority and would request that a date be provided please for when it will be resolved.


Screenshot 2023-10-06 115837.png

 Actually here is the "bad_module_info" page. Any update on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

So I have this same exact issue and its driving me mad. I am a computer engineer & developer so being an extreme power user I figured my testimony may help MS. 


My system is a Lenovo X1 Nano 1st Gen running an Intel 11th Gen i7 CPU with 16GB Ram. Clean Install of Windows 11 Ent, Lenovo System Update ran religiously to ensure all latest and greatest Lenovo approved BIOS / Firmware updates are installed in addition to any driver updates. I run my laptop with the lid closed 99% of time, attached to a Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Gen II dock. Dock is connected to a pair of 4K LG LCD's each running 4K @ 60hz. My webcam is a Logitech C920 connected via USB to dock, my headset is a Logitech H820e also connected to dock. The Dock is also hard wired via 1GB ethernet to a Cisco GB switch. I have QOS configured everywhere giving highest priority to VOIP & Teams. The issue for me is intermittent but can be reproduced with both the beta and non-beta version of teams. I feel the older versions are more stable but hard to say. The hard power off issue seems to happen most often when there are a 4+ people on the meeting all sharing video. It seems like the more people on a call with Video on, the louder and faster the cpu fan gets, which seems to suggest there is some type of power management / cpu management issue with Teams. I will also note that I have ran Prime 95 on this laptop for 24 strait hours without a single error or warning, so clearly I do not have a hardware or overheating issue.  I really do not want to run my laptop in Balanced mode with 99% CPU allocated, but I am going to test this solution and report back, in my opinion that is not a valid fix, I need to be in performance mode to handle my daily tasks. This is for me is also sporadic being it can happen 3 times in a row on the same meeting, and not pop up for weeks. Again seems very tied to how many people are on the call and the load of that meeting on the system. Very rarely maybe never has teams crashed while on a 2 party call.


Please MS, Help Us !

@RayDilsons TWIMC I experienced a very similar type of experience last Wednesday on Teams session. Though I must specify I wasn't using Lenovo but Surface Book 3 15" connected to twin pair of Dell large screens through a Microsoft Surface Dock. So to make a long story short, Teams session started fine with no issues then all of a sudden only after a few minutes, both screens instantly turned to black with no warning, Surface shut down and restarted like forced restart. I obviously lost connection with Teams session. I tried to rejoin Teams session through sent invitation link, but unfortunately it didn't work. I used Teams a lot of times and that never happened. My first thought was that it may have been caused by a very brief power failure, though reading comments brings me to consider another theory.., Thanks for sharing