My Laptop shuts down during TEAMS calls

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Like few other collogues I'm using a new Lenovo L13 Yoga. We are using Microsoft TEAMS as our formal application for conference and video calls.
Recently we started facing a "random" issue in which after some time in the call, the computer shuts down. the shut down accrues without a warning and it is a brute force shutdown i.e. without a safe close of all applications. It is as if you were pressing a long press on the power button.
We tried to reinstall TEAMS and to make sure that our laptops are working with the latest update, with no change.

Did anyone ever faced this phenomenon?

Any suggestions?



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@Sam Cosby  This option is not existing at all in the Powermanagement on my Lenovo T15 G2.

"Processor Power Management" is missing.  

I have the same issue on my Thinkpad T430s. During calls it's OK, but when I have to present, the PC shuts down within 10 minutes. It did twice during today's presentation and once in the past. It doesn't happen during WebEx presentations. I tried to launch Teams in Edge, so far so good. I'll try to ditch the app and use the web instead, if it helps.

I have no overheating problem, I can play GTA 5 with the lid closed, but I can't do 20 mins of presentation even with the lid open.



I wanted to Chime in as I could use an answer here as well. we have been supplying my company with lenovo laptops for a few years now. and with covid our use of Microsoft Teams has went up and this issue has found its way to me. we gave everyone at the time Yoga L380s. However there were a handful of 720's (13IKB) we gave out at first just to test them out. These handful of silver laptops are the ones having this issue. NO ONE else using yogas L380 has reported this. And Yes it happens during Teams meetings. User gets Blue Screen of death with the Frowny Face


At the time we only gave laptops to management but this year We are supplying everyone with Yoga L13's and so far no complaints on that model (Although I haven't gotten far in deployment so that could change)


I have read some of the tips like changing CPU to 99% and others. I will test these out but obviously takes time to prove.


In short

Have same issue on Yoga 720's Specifically (in a pool of differing Lenovo models). Blue Frowny Face Crash screen in the middle of Teams Calls. Definitely Seems like in the middle of teams calls. I stressed tested on with no crash.

Glad I found this thread but also regretting I purchased these models cos it seems to happen to these models only. I purchased 5 of 20R3000MUS and have had to reimage about 3 of them cos of this issue.
I hope Lenovo has a fix for this; its frustrating.
Also happened to these models 20R5000PUS


As I mentioned these are affecting my older yoga 720s

I recently purchased a bunch of Lenovo L13's like you except mine were 20VK0019US

and so far deployed 30 / 50 of them and NO issues. We use teams heavily and positive I would have heard something by now from somebody using the L13s


I wonder if there is a common graphics card or chipset in these models that's being affected. I know its frequent in Lenovo models but its DEFINITELY triggered by Microsoft Teams.

Same issue on my end. Surface 3 and no option for "Processor Power Management".

@Sam Cosby 

Hi  -  The mitigation plan unfortunately does not work for my L13 Yoga. I have it implemented and updated all drivers etc. but the CPU temperature spikes bringing my laptop down during TEAMS calls (randomly-no specific pattern). This only happens while using TEAMS - not any other programs, including other videoconference solutions.


When can we expect a permanent solution from Microsoft and Lenovo - as you mention in your post? And if found - please provide a link. Thank you.

Today I had the same problem. Changed power management settings to 99%, not sure if it helps. If there is any other solution please let me know.

OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042
System Model 20R30005MX
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU LENOVO_MT_20R3_BU_Think_FM_ThinkPad L13
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz, 2112 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical

I have the same issues with one Laptop (Lenovo T580).
Any news, since September? @iuliang @Sam Cosby

my problem was solved with a bios update (that appeared after at least once moth after the problm started (after a previous bios update)). you can see the thread with my replies.
So it was fixed aufter Bios Update ver. 1.29 and then you updated to 1.30 and still no crashes?
I had crashes with 1.30 as well. I am now on 1.31 and just upgraded to W11.
I canmnot currently test properly with Teams, as our meetings are now physical.
(though, I can see that W11 have increased my CPU temperature and the fans are running at full speed - so I am pretty sure that Teams will crash as I have seen it crash with high CPU temperatures)
Unfortunately upgrading to W11 did not help.

This means that a fully upgraded (both Lenovo AND Microsoft W11) L13 Yoga still crashes.

This problem has now been know to both Microsoft and Lenovo for a very long time without any of them solving the issue.

I have tried the above option, but the problem still exist. a Acer Laptop Acer AOD257

@ErwinInn  @eric_joely In addition to my last posting from 1. June 2021.

I found following SOLUTION for my T15 (two of them). Somehow the Windows 10,  delivered originally with the new T15 was causing the topic with teams in my case.
Solution: Directly receiving the pruchase T15 from Lenove (also done with an already installed one). >> Totally re-setup with Lenovo new downloaded image!! How:


1) Raising a ticket to lenovo, linked with my Notebook. Asking for New Original Windows 10 Installation Software for my Notebook..

2) Supports sends me link to download most current Image. (Had a tel call after one day).

3) After FULLY NEWLY/UPToDATE IMAGE of Windows 10 for my T15 & New Installation of Windows 10 the problem with Teams never occured again since June 21 on both T15 Notebooks. 


A sad way, I know, but it helped in my case.

Greetings to all Erwin 


@Sam Cosby 
I would like to know if there is any solution provided for this error? It's still happening to me.

We are experiencing this with one Lenovo E15 (R7 5700u, 16GB).
Lenovo P14S Gen3 , Bios version 1.28 having repeatly shutdown when using microsoft team, three times a days. it is random. any fix?
I am using Asus Tuf A15, even this laptop shuts down immediately during a teams call.