MS Teams shared desktop gets blurry when I open Eclipse "Open Type" dialog

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In my team we work a lot with desktop sharing while using Eclipse for Java development.
Meanwhile the sharpness in general is very good.


However, since short time, whenever the sharing host uses the Eclipse' dialog "Open Type", the image gets blurry for all participants. This is not only for me, but for everybody in the team.

To recover a sharp view for the participants it is needed to stop and restart the sharing.


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Hi @frankbenoit

If the desktop sharing in Microsoft Teams becomes blurry specifically when the host uses the "Open Type" dialog in Eclipse, it could be due to the way the screen sharing handles certain graphical elements. Here are a few suggestions to try and address this issue:

1. Adjust the Screen Sharing Quality: During a screen sharing session, the host can adjust the screen sharing quality settings to optimize the clarity of the shared content. To do this:
a. While sharing your screen, click on the "..." (More actions) button in the meeting controls.
b. Select "Change sharing quality" from the dropdown menu.
c. Try selecting a higher quality option to see if it improves the sharpness of the shared content.

2. Disable Hardware Acceleration in Eclipse: Sometimes, enabling hardware acceleration in applications like Eclipse can lead to compatibility issues with screen sharing. To disable hardware acceleration in Eclipse:
a. Open Eclipse and go to "Window" in the top menu.
b. Select "Preferences" from the dropdown menu.
c. In the Preferences window, navigate to "General" and then "Appearance".
d. Uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration" option.
e. Apply the changes and restart Eclipse.

3. Use Application Sharing Instead: Instead of sharing the entire desktop, consider using the "Application" sharing feature in Microsoft Teams. This way, only the Eclipse application window will be shared, which might provide a clearer and more focused view for participants.

4. Update Graphics Drivers: Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can sometimes cause issues with screen sharing. Ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your computer. Visit the manufacturer's website or use Windows Update to check for driver updates and install them if available.

5. Try Different Screen Resolutions: Experiment with different screen resolutions in both Eclipse and Microsoft Teams to see if it makes any difference in the sharpness of the shared content. Sometimes, using a lower or higher resolution can affect the clarity during screen sharing.





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In my MS Teams application (v, I cannot find such menu item to change the sharing quality. At least not in the "..." menu and sub-menus.

Meanwhile I found, that it is *not* Eclipse specific. It is about the shortcut that we use: "CTRL+SHIFT+T".
Even if we close Eclipse and use it, it has this effect on the shared view.

I was thinking which application might have listeners for this shortcut.
PowerToys comes into mind, but closing it did not help.
In the MS Teams docu, I could not find a binding for this.

Any ideas?
I turns out, it is not Eclipse, it happens also if Eclipse is not running at all.
It is just the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-T. And it toggles the blurry. If we press that keys a 2nd time, it is sharp again.
Is this a Teams bug or feature?
I tried to disable the Teams shortcuts via registry key
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Teams\NoKeyShorts = 1
no success

I tried to remap CTRL-SHIFT-T with PowerToyes for Teams.exe
no success

Is there a solution, the prevents Teams from blurring the sharing?