Move from Teams free (365 Family) to Teams proper (365 Business Standard)

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Hi - after hours on Google I've failed with my two problems on Teams


1.  I've been told that the 40ish meetings I have already set up in the old Teams free (365 Family) cannot be migrated over to my shiny new Teams/365 Business Standard.  Is this really the case?  Is there a work around? 


2.  I can set up polls in the meeting set up, but when I enter the meeting there is no polls/forms button.  I've tried in Chrome and Safari


In case it helps, Windows is running on a Mac

Thanks in hope!


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My two cents here:
1. If you previously had Microsoft Teems Free and now you also have Microsoft Teams from a commercial Office 365 subscription, you will not be able to make such migration
2. Have you actually tried to use Teams with the Desktop client?

@Therese_Solimeno Many thanks - it's confusing as in the first section it says there's no data loss and in the second that you cannot migrate... I wish I'd seen that before!  Microsoft sales specifically told me everything would be accessible.  I've had to employ an expert to sort it out!  Very unhappy Microsoft user here!  I appreciate your help.

Thanks - I really thought I'd done my homework and checked online and with Microsoft but now I know what you say to be true. Teams is working OK, I just have to issue new logins for every meeting set up over the next few months... and deal with the chaos when people sign in with the old ones (my meetings are all with external people). I can't use polls as I don't have a button on the meeting screen for forms but I'll just give up on them I think. Many thanks for your 'two cents'