Microsoft Teams Call Volume too Quiet

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My company recently switched to Microsoft Teams for our conference calls, and an issue I'm having involves call volumes when taking calls over headphones vs. laptop speakers.


I typically take calls through my headphones, where volume changes work as expected.  However, if I disconnect my headphones to listen to the meeting through the laptop speakers, the volume changes.  For a split-second the volume will be at the correct level, and immediately afterwards will reduce so low that it's almost impossible to hear (think listening to headphones without having them in your ears).


Despite this, my computer and Teams both claim the volume is at 100%, but this can't possibly be true.  Any suggestions?

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Hello @Ian_Lewczynski   There is a section in this document that addresses this:


Hope this helps.



Unfortunately is does not, the article you linked is relevant to microphones (talking).  My concern is related to speakers (hearing others). 

@Ian_Lewczynski I'm having this exact issue. Did you ever get it resolved?

@mariamariiia Ha!  I wish.  Never found a fix for it, so I just remain tethered to my laptop whenever I'm on a Teams call.

I have the very same issue. When I switch on the desired Audio-Device (in my case the speakers from my laptop) the volume is normal for a fraction of a second and then turns very low.


The provided solution link is useless...

I have the same problem and also find no help from the solution link.


What Devices are selected? Click Profile pic in upper left > Settings > Devices and make sure you have the correct devices selected, then make a test call to verify it's working.

@CharlesIsWorking In my case, the correct devices are selected. If they weren't, the call would be silent and not "too quiet". Test calls produce the same results.

So I thought I would try to help with the Teams sound issue. I was having the problem for a month, but just fixed it. Open Teams and next to the microphone is a speaker. Click on speaker and choose speaker (check mark will be next to it).
I never had this problem until a month and a half, so I’m thinking an APP update went out that now makes you choose. I’m not sure why Microsoft would think someone doing a Teams meeting would want to hold their flipping phone to there ear, it’s beyond me. That’s my problem with Microsoft, they don’t properly think things through. Anyway, I added a picture to assist. I do hope this fixes you’ll problems.

i'm having the same issue, i was using an IPAD and when I discovered that the volume is very low, I opened the laptop instead of IPAD and logon to teams to discover that the volume is also very low, which means that the issue in the teams itself!!@Ian_Lewczynski 

@Diabolo Having the same issue today (12/21/2020) with all of my TEAMS video meetings this morning. I use an iPad Pro with the latest software updates installed. My volume is at 100% in order to hear others in the meeting, and they all say they can barely hear me / each other.


Starting today the Teams volume on my IPad became too quiet.  My Windows machine does not have this problem but I think the video/audio microphone is better than my external camera/microphone on my Windows machine and I usually prefer it.


I deleted and reinstalled the Team app on my IPad but it no effect.  Still too quiet.


It is interesting that the audio volume for a meeting recording is just fine.


It seems that no one has a solution to this ?

I am having this EXACT same problem on a PC.  It is maddening.  Audio levels are plenty high with all other apps.  Teams is way too low even at max volume.  Microsoft, fix this.

I also have the same issue. In fact, when I start the Teams desktop app all my sounds on my laptop drop to a low level and then go back to normal after 30 seconds. When I start a Teams call the sound is set to a very low level. The level in Windows shows 100 but I almost can't hear other speak.

I have a dell laptop with the Waves MaxxAudio driver installed. When I disable Waves MaxxAudio from system startup the problem seems gone.


See this thread:

@ThereseSolimeno I tried looking at that link and it didn't help unfortunately, my speakers are still very quiet despite being fine yesterday and it being a new laptop, and my setting are on the maximum output

this is so annoying, yesterday the volume was high and now it's so quiet