Microsoft Lists - Question for default sort option

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Hi Microsoft, 


I am using the Lists App within Microsoft Teams to keep a data log. The data log appears to filter automatically by the order in which each entry line was added. Is there a way to apply a default sort based on the data in one of the columns?


I am able to apply this manually each time I open the List, but it would be great if this could be the default upon opening the List. Thanks!

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You can sort by columns in your list...if the sorting options is not present in Teams, access the list through SharePoint, apply the sorting and you are ready to go

@Juan Carlos González Martín - I am able to apply sorting in Teams and Sharepoint. When I apply it and close the Lists, upon opening it the next time, the sorting I applied is not there anymore. I would like to have this sort applied as a default setting.


The default sort of the list is by the "ID" column, which I am unable to edit and is automatically from smallest to largest. 

1. Click the menu icon towards the top right that shows your current view. It might say 'All Items'.

2. From the drop-down, select 'Edit current view'
2. Scroll half-way down to the sort section and modify the 'First sort by the column:' field.
3. Scroll back up to the top and click 'OK' towards the top right.

This was super helpful, Thank you.
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