Microphone problems in Teams app

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Hi all,


When I use the Teams app, I have problems with my microphone when I wear my earphones. The other people in the conversations can't hear me. I tried it several times now. When I join the meeting in the web version of Microsoft Teams, my microphone works perfectly fine with my earphones. But I would like to join the meetings in the Teams app. What could be the problem?


I already tried several things. My microphone is not muted, I selected the right headphones in the settings in Teams. I also did a test call in the Microsoft Teams app. I cannot hear myself in this test. 


Thank you for your help.

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Update: When I keep the microphone of my earphone in front of my mouth and talk really loud, I can hear myself silently like I am far away. So the microphone is working, but really soft. Is there a way to change these settings?

I’m not in a pc to get exact steps but first check microphone privacy by clicking start button and typing in microphone and you should see it. Make sure Teams is allowed under desktop apps.

If so next place would be sound settings then in the right side somewhere (they keep moving it) the Sound control panel. You’ll want to go here. Find your mic on the recording tab and right click and make sure it’s your default and default communication device. Double click and check the gain levels / volume for it. You can also turn on what you hear to make sure it sounds fine.

After that if all is well try it if it still doesn’t work could be something firmware related with the headset you are using. Coworker bought a certain headset they just would not work with teams no matter how much I tried. Most headsets works but a few just won’t for whatever reason.

@Chris Webb 
Thank you for your reply!


When I check the microphone privacy settings, Microsoft Teams isn't in the list of apps. So I can not choose to allow Microsoft Teams to use the Microphone. I also already tried your second suggestion. That also doesn't solve the problem. 

I think the problem is'nt that the microphone of my earphones aren't connected, the sound is just really really low. When I test the earphones in teams, I can hear myself, but very far away. But when I do the same in the webversion of Teams with my earphones, the sound volume is just fine. 


Did you manage to find a solution to this? Having exactly the same problem

@Jowag No, unfortunately I have no solution yet. I am still using microsoft teams in the Web application.

If using Windows 10,
Go into Settings, System, Sound, In the Input Section change dropdown to Headset Microphone
below that is Device Properties, slide the scale to 100 and try again.
If that doesn't work try the Troubleshoot button below Device Properties.
The microphone works well for all other apps except Teams
If you are using web app which browser are you using? You probabaly need to make sure that you allowed access to the microphone to the browser, in chrome while in teams there is an icon to the right of the address bar. Anyway respond back and I can get a screenshot to check.

@Chris Webb 

When I use the web App, I use Google Chrome. Then my microphone works perfectly fine. My collegaes can hear me very well.

But when I do the same in the the Teams app, my sound is so soft, my collegaes can barely hear me, but they can hear me really far away. So there is no issue with permission for my microphone I guess.

Finally found a fix for it. I restored my laptop to it is default settings and chose the option to maintain all my personal documents and folders. The laptop took about 4 hours to completely restore itself. I reload Teams and now the microphone works well in app. I can be heard in meetings. Leave it restoring overnight as it does not require you to input anything during the process

@Jowag Good to hear you found a fix for it! Unfortunately I cannot do the same. I don't have the rights to do this on my office laptop. 

Following. A user from our company is facing a similar issue and the solution of just wiping a device unfortunately is not the best option. There must be a reason for this issue.@jeaninek 

I'm having the exact same problem in team.  My microphone works great if I connect through the the Chrome web browser but the microphone volume seems to be preset to use a headset when opening the teams app.  If I put my mouth right up to internal microphone of the computer, it works great.  But since my camera is right next to my internal microphone, people are little tire of seeing my tonsils when I talk.  The volume on the microphone is adjust perfectly for all other VoIP apps.  It only has problems in MS teams.


I found that I'm using a computer that was designed for Windows 7.  So the camera does not work with the Windows 10 camera app.  It works in all other applications.  I'm wondering if this could be a problem with the microphone in teams as well.  I tried a complete reset and it made no difference.  @jamesangelesnd 

Still following. @DickGrady ... @Microsoft any solutions for your enterprise users? 


Best regards



@jamesangelesnd Same issue here. I would rather not have to wipe a user's laptop just to fix one app. The microphone works fine in other apps, just not Teams. If I plug in a different microphone (external) it works. 


It just seems to have an issue with the built in webcam microphone. Skype and Voice Recorder apps work just fine, crystal clear.

Other user with identical hardware have no problems. 

@jeaninek Has this been resolved? I am also having exactly the same issue with my users. Hopefully Microsoft can address this.

No unfortunately it is not solved yet. I am still using the web version of Teams...


just for my interest:

* which windows version do u have?

* which hardware do u have? vendor? model?

* external / internal microphone?




* which windows version do u have?

- Win 10

* which hardware do u have? vendor? model?

- Dell XPS 13 9300

* external / internal microphone?

- both