Jabra Speak 710 mute / unmute

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I installed the App Jabra Direct Setup which shows "Microsoft Teams Ready".

My Jabra Speak 710 is connected via USB to my laptop.


However when I press mute button on Jabra, it does not activate the mute button in Teams (microphone icon is not crossed out) and when I mute/unmute using the button in Teams it does not mute/unmute on my Jabra.


So I have to unmute both my Jabra button and the Teams button. It is not synced, this is really annoying. I use the latest Jabra firmware as well as most recent Windows 10.


With Z**m software mute/unmute is perfectly in sync between the Jabra button and the soft mute button in Z**m.

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Same issue: Toggle mute is reversed in Teams where hardware device is muted but Teams is not, and hardware device is unmuted but Teams is muted. This happened about 2 days ago for me; worked fine previously. Jabra GN9350.

@Jeff Border  same thing for me except, my 710 mutes Teams but will not UNmute Teams so then I have to unmute both.

@bbennin I had the exact same behavior. Then I tried to update everything by installîng the app Jabra Direct Setup and making sur that the firmware was the latest. The application Jabra Direct Setup showed « Teams ready » but then the behavior changes so that the Jabra mute button does not mute or unmute Teams. In any case this neeeds to be fixed (by Jabra or Microsoft).

@ppmsft I'm having the same issues with my MS Teams Certified Jabra Speak 750. In my experience the Jabra mute button works great with Zoom, Webex and GoToMeeting. I use Teams 99.9% of the time, so this is unfortunate.


The Jabra mute button used to work about 75% of the time with Teams up until about a month ago. Now it is completely broken. It's almost better that it's 100% broken as I had a handful of times when I thought I was on mute during Teams meetings when I wasn't!


I miss the reliable mute button.


I had a Teams call where I was on (soft Teams mute) and somebody from the call unmuted me without warning me. I found this very annoying, and thought I was lucky that my Jabra speaker was on mute.


So in the end, I consider me lucky that I can control my mute status on the Jabra independently from the soft Mute function in Teams. It gives me more control. I now only use the mute button on Jabra and don't use the soft mute in Teams. I like it this way better.



I updated the firmware of my Jabra Speak 710 through the Jabra direct application (on Windows 10) . My Jabra Speak 710 is now with firmware version 1.39.0.


Jabra definitely changed something, because the current behavior is like this, for both Teams and Zoom:


  • The mute soft button (in Teams and Zoom) mutes / unmutes only inside the Teams / Zoom app. It does not change the mute status of the Jabra.


  • The mute / unmute button on the speaker only mutes / unmutes the speaker (mute with red dots around the speaker) but has no impact on the soft mute / unmute button in Teams & Zoom


So you could have a combination of the 2. For example if I am unmuted in Teams and I mute the Jabra 710, then there is a message in Teams: "Teams can't hear you" 


In the end I like it the way it is, with 2 independent ways to mute yourself. The only caveat is the "double mute" where you unmute yourself and do not realize that you are still muted. Sounds familiar?


@ppmsft I called Jabra support because the call buttons to answer, hang up, or mute do not work.  They told me it is because I have multiple softphones on my device.  I have Teams, Skype for Business, and RingCentral.  The answer was to wait until I get rid of Skype for Business next year.  However, I am just going to return this speaker.  Too pricey for it not to work properly.


Note, I have the Speak 710, MS Optimized.

@ppmsftDoes this happen with the UC or with the Teams version of the Jabra 710?


When you mute, if you press the button on the Jabra, does Teams show you as muted? And viceversa, if you mute via the Teams app, does the Jabra show as muted?

Is the issue therefore only when you unmute and not when you mute - is this correct?


I don't think it would be too bad if the Jabra mute button were totally independent of Teams. is this the case if I buy the UC version and not the Teams version?

@BalconiesNotWindows I am not sure which version of the Jabra 710, there is no label on the device, only the cover says Jabra GN ??

In any case I discovered something even more intruiging.

When connected by USB, then the Jabra mute button is independent from the MS Teams app.

HOWEVER, when I connect the Jabra 710 wirelessly via the dongle, then the Jabra 710 mute button gets synchronized with the mute function in MS Teams.

I am not sure if this is by design, but at least it gives me the option to be synchronized, or have the mute function independent.

I had the same issue and fixed it by changing the "playback device type" to "Audio device" under the "Softphone(PC)" tab for "Device Settings" in the Jabra app. Hope this works for you.


I understand this post was raised more than a year ago, and recently i encountered the same issue on my Jabra Speak 510. It was working fine on my older laptop on Win10 until I got my laptop refreshed recently also on Win10. 

Tried many different suggestions and even updating the firmware and had the Jabra Direct SW installed with settings configured to MS Teams for softphone but the mute/unmute button on the Jabra 510 is still not synching to the Teams status. 

What worked for me though - and I hope this works for some of you:

1. Uninstall the Jabra driver --> go to Device Manager>Sound, video and game controllers>"your Jabra device". Right click and uninstall device driver.

2. I also uninstalled the Jabra Direct software.

3. Restart your PC/laptop. Ensure your Jabra is connected thru USB all the while.

4. Once restart, Win 10 should be able to detect the Jabra device again and install the necessary drivers automatically. This can be confirmed again in the Device Manager (if not there then go to Jabra website to get the driver, for me it works automatically after laptop reboot).


For some odd reason, my Jabra Speak 510 is working as expected again after this process. I did not proceed to install the Jabra Direct software again. Don't ask me why but I suspected somehow the Jabra Direct screws things up by the firmware update etc, I did notice the device name is different when I had the Jabra Direct installed vs not installed. 


Hope this is helpful for some of you.