Jabra Speak 710 mute / unmute

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I installed the App Jabra Direct Setup which shows "Microsoft Teams Ready".

My Jabra Speak 710 is connected via USB to my laptop.


However when I press mute button on Jabra, it does not activate the mute button in Teams (microphone icon is not crossed out) and when I mute/unmute using the button in Teams it does not mute/unmute on my Jabra.


So I have to unmute both my Jabra button and the Teams button. It is not synced, this is really annoying. I use the latest Jabra firmware as well as most recent Windows 10.


With Z**m software mute/unmute is perfectly in sync between the Jabra button and the soft button in Teams.

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Same issue: Toggle mute is reversed in Teams where hardware device is muted but Teams is not, and hardware device is unmuted but Teams is muted. This happened about 2 days ago for me; worked fine previously. Jabra GN9350.