Is it possible to invite a Ms Teams Device when you are not the organiser?

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We are using MS Teams Devices.


When we get an invite from an external company, there does not seem a way of inviting the Teams device, unless you are that Organiser. That works internally if a staff member sets it up and invites the Teams device (aka room).


If the Organiser sends an invite to the email address of the room itself it still does not work even though I am pretty sure I set this via powershell.


Can anyone suggest a workaround?

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How about the organiser using Proximity Join from their personal device to add your meeting room to the external meeting? What happens when the person invited forwards the invite to the room? Does it show up on the Centre of Room console without a Join button?
Hi Graham, when the room is invited, the invitation is accepted but the meeting does not appear on the MTR panel. I read somewhere you need to an the external email/domain to the O365 Tenant before it appears.

The best approach I found works, is as follows:
Internal Attendee is in a room with a MTR device and joins on his personal device as per normal
Once in the meeting, the same attendee then calls the room via the participants button
After the room accepts the call, the attendee drops out of the meeting from the personal device