🤝 How to use Microsoft Loop to supercharge your Teams meeting notes



The new meeting notes will be shown on the right pane of the meeting window with the ability to open them in the browser for more room or on a second monitor. 

Participants can collaborate in real time, create an agenda, take notes, and add tasks. 

When participants are assigned a task in the meeting, they will also receive an email notification and it will be synchronized with the Planner and To Do apps. 

Meeting organizers will also see an ability to add Collaborative notes before meetings, to prepare by adding agendas or other materials in one place. 

After the meeting, Collaborative notes will remain accessible for all participants on the Teams calendar meeting details page. The experience is a Loop component, so they can be copied easily out of the meeting and into chats, group chats, emails, and other documents.  

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Will notes be available in channel meetings?

You must do it manually.
I am not sure if this thread is the right for my question, but I have been using loop components in meeting minutes, and I notice that what it does is that it creates kind of a planner component (with loop icon) for each meeting (similart to what it did with OneNote (where different pages were created per meeting).

Are you aware of a way that I can collate all these individual components in one place, so that we monitor tasks in one place. Currently I can use Planner, but each meeting has ani individual planner and if I manage it in Loop, I still see individual loops. In Loop, I can add them to a Loop workspace, but I need to do this manually.

The use case here is a project meeting, which is recurrent every day or week...
Same problem as above. Has this been resolved?

FYI this feature only appears in the WEB version of Teams for some reason.  Not Outlook, not Teams desktop version.  If it works in Outlook/Teams desktop I'm not aware of it.


Are you referring to the capability that I was commenting on? The ability to collate content from different loop pages, for an unified view of things like tasks?

Apologies, no - just the collaborative meeting notes feature seems to only appear in the web-based Teams platform.
right. It should be in the MS Teams client. During the meeting, it will be under an icon at the top of the window "Notes". After the meeting ends, and if you have access to keep the meeting chat, it will be available under "Recap" at the top of the chat. Recap only displays if you actually used the feature for any of the available features (Agenda,Notes, Tasks)

@ruka What I meant was, when creating the meeting, the option to "Add an agenda others can edit" only appears in the WEB version of Teams. I've not seen it anywhere else.  This:


If that option is not present, then you can't do much with Loop features.