How to check if MS teams app is shared in cisco webex meeting

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I am writing a MS Teams plugin in C#. I need to act differently in my plugin code when MS Teams app is shared in Cisco Webex meeting as an app sharing. Can somebody help me how can I get to know in my plugin code (which is running in a separate process) when MS Teams is shared as screen sharing. Note this should apply only when screen sharing is done for single app and not entire desktop.

Are there any events that I can listen to or something on process level? If somebody can share a working code snippet that will be great. Any pointer would be highly appreciated. Let me know if you need more details. Thank you.

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That would be interesting case ! Unfortunately I'm not able to show the path to follow, but have you check the followings if those could help anyhow you?

Writing a Desktop Sharing Application 

That gives help how you could share application, so that might give some thoughts what to looking for.

Listen for events in another application 

If I remember right Visual Studio had a tool to monitor other applications, but if not this might give some help to monitor other applications.


I still believe that perhaps Visual Studio forums might be a bit better places to get help for development cases.

Thanks @Petri X for your reply. That doesn't help me much as I don't have any control on webex screen sharing. Can I ask the original question little differently -


Does Windows emits any flag/footprint/event when any app window is screen shared by any screen sharing tool?


I am sure without Windows support any app window can't be shared by any 3rd party tool. If somebody can shed some light on that it will be really useful. Thanks again.