Having a static link to a meeting for everybody

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Hi there,


I need to have a static link to a meeting that can be started on the fly. I need to put this link in the email confirmation of an appointement set with Calendly, that allows people around me to set an appointment with me within my shared google agenda.


The goal is for me to start the meeting (always the same) and then the person just have to click on the link. It has to be always the same link.


I didn't find how to do that on Teams.





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Every meeting has a different link except reoccurring meetings! So if you want separate meetings you can use a short url service like bit.ly to create your own link you always use then manually change the actual pointer to different teams meetings. This is often a paid feature but you can then add your own domain to the link etc as well!

@adam deltinger 

Thanks for your reply.


Yes it's a solution, but it needs some IT manipulations. Esay for me but difficult for my clients.

I'm going to submit a request to MS for that functionnality I use on Zoom, which is very helpful.




Hi @Christian_Hugoud,


You can use Bookings instead of Calendly and have all that integrated with Teams.


More information here Online Bookings and Appointment Scheduling | Microsoft 365


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Thanks : I'm going to investigate.

@Christian_Hugoud did you fix your problem ?



Hi there,


No : I've given up. It was for a client of mine, but we moved to Zoom.


Thanks a lot