Guests: Can Share/Upload Files on Android but Can't Share on Dekstop app (Business account)

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Hi. Has this been this way? I can upload/share files to Teams while I'm on my android device, but when I'm on my desktop app, it doesn't have an attachment icon and even drag and drop doesn't work.

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That behavior does not make sense, you should be able to do the same no matter the device an App being used. Where are you trying to upload files as guest: in a private chat or in a channel (I guess in a channel)?

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hi. Thank you for replying. I'm on my Mac app and I'm trying to reply via private chat as a guest:


Same issue- no upload icon for guests, drag & drop doesn't work and even if you upload from Google Drive - looks like it works- but asks for Google login, despite having the folder and files shared to anyone with the link