Global Tags

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In Teams you have the option to create tags, which helps categorize groups of individuals. These tags exist only in the team it was created in and are not global, which has its benefits. With my workflow, and maybe others, it would be great to have the option to reuse tags across other teams even if it us just the name without the group of individuals associated with it. And maybe add a tag data field to groups (in the People app) so that the tag can carry over to teams.

This proposal is being requested because we would like to be able to tag a group of people with one mention. Ultimately we would like to be able to tag a group, such as  @admins (with email "email address removed for privacy reasons") in any team even though they are not added to the team they are mentioned in. That's a lot but one step at a time!

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Do you already have a feedback item or url so people can vote on it?
It would be great to have global tags that we can choose from, when creating or managing a team, instead of having to create them all the time


Yeah 100% we need this like yesterday

Seriously we need this! It has slowed down our process having to recreate the same tags in every single team (of which we have many that are constantly being created and removed). Please add this feature!