Getting notifications for new work schedule

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About a week or two ago, when my company started using using teams to keep track of work schedules, I started receiving notifications on my iPhone (on the activity tab) any time someone in the organization adds a new work schedule. In my iOS settings I have notifications turned on (lock screen, Notification Center, banners, sounds and badges) but these notifications ONLY come in with a badge notification. I have gone in to the notification settings within the Teams app and have turned off notifications for Shifts, but that hasn’t done anything. I also seem to be the only person experiencing this issue.
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You are not the only one... Me and my organization also have this problem.

We are getting notified on the mobile apps while we are not on teams desktop.

We don't want to be notified each time someone ask for a shift... Only one or two people should :face_screaming_in_fear: