Fully-functioning Team not visible in Teams admin centre

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I'm an owner of a Team which we've been actively using in the MS Teams desktop app for over a year - channels, files, chat etc. We encountered a problem when trying to create a new shared channel in the Team, and in trying to troubleshoot this, I noticed that it's not listed in the Teams admin centre. It's listed as a group in the 365 admin centre, but the 'Teams status' column is blank. If I edit the 365 group it says "Would you like to add ‎Microsoft Teams‎ to this group?". When I click 'Add Teams' it tells me it's unable to do so.


I'm completely mystified. How can it 'not' be a Team if we're using it in the Teams app?

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@LynnProspect Hello,


Grab the team guid and browse to 




Does it load?

No, it doesn't load

@LynnProspect What about Get-Team using the Teams PowerShell module?

I don't use PowerShell, sorry. I can ask one of my techie colleagues, but can you explain what 'Get-Team' would achieve?

@LynnProspect To check if it is present using different methods


I am not sure yet but It seems the team lost its link to the group, maybe the best choice in this case would be to open a support case so Microsft can fix it on the backend

@LynnProspect Hello, I'm wondering if you contacted support or could finally see this team in TAC

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