Can you block the ability to start or join Calls and Meetings from a Remote Desktop?

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Is there a way to remove the ability to do audio/video calls or meetings from a remote desktop session?


Many of our customers are Hospitals and they are struggling with Microsoft Teams and their (Win7) remote desktop infrastructures. Most are working on upgrading to Win10, and adding CPU/GPU power to Thin Clients and servers. But until then, we want users to collaborate in Teams (chat and files).

I noticed others have asked the same question, but didn't get an answer: 

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Hi @Maarten Visser

AFAIK, not today. Subsequently I have raised a uservoice for you

Would recommend to vote to push this up the agenda. It makes sense as you work on upgrading the infrastructure

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

I have the same issue, looking for a way of blocking calls and meetings at a device level instead of a user policy. 


Has anyone had any luck?

Any update is on this question? We have the same issue with a couple of our customers.
they use an RDS/VDI for some business applications and Outlook but also want to use Teams. They need to be able to use Teams chat/ schedule meetings with the outlook plugin etc from within the RDS/VDI. But also use Teams with full features from their local device.

A solution to this would be really fine! Any possibility to block teams calls or meetings on specific devices in the meantime?

@Gottfried Jocham It has been possible for some time to prevent calling and meetings on VDI devices only e.g. something using Citrix, VMWare Horizon, WVF,  AVD or Windows 365. Details at Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

Thank you @Steven Collier!
That's exactly what I was looking for!