Camera does not work on microsoft teams only

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Hi guys!


My camera never works on the app. In any other applications my camera works normally (e.g.: camera app, Firefox browser, whereby, zoom, etc). Is there someone with this problem? I've tried many fixes on the internet. An screenshot of the error with my camera model:



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Have you tried the desktop client?

Hi@Juan Carlos González Martín !

Thanks for your reply. Yes I'm using the desktop client.




Same issue here too. I have 4 Windows 10 Pro computers (1Laptop, 3 Tablets) and all have exactly the same issue and same error when running the /TestCall in Teams. All 4 Computer built-in cameras work with no issue in Skype, or the Camera app and no issue in Device Manager.

Yes, Teams Desktop Client.


Hi - Can you try to install Life Cam software and then use the same with Teams.

Sorry, installed but still same issue and same error from /testcall and tested in chat meetings. @alitaqvi 

I@DrDaveMGP   I have the exact same problem with my HP Spectre x360.  The camera works everywhere but in the Teams application.

I have this problem as well. The camera itself works with the Camera app. Teams doesn't appear to attempt to initialize the camera, as its light doesn't turn on but Teams just shows a black preview. This is with the built-in camera, but It behaves the exact same way with an external (USB) camera.

I tried the same experiment with my on-board camera and a USB camera.  I found that the cameras worked with all other apps, including camera and Skype, but didn't work the Teams app.


The Teams web-site did allow me to use video.  Also, I switched to another computer, and the same USB camera worked.  This is very odd.  One small note:  I am using an Insider Preview on the machine that the app is showing the "black preview".


I too I'm using Insider preview Build 19592 and I think that's where it started but I cannot go back a build. I looked at my other laptop that is on build 19587 and the camera is working fine in Teams /testcall. Could draw a conclusion that it is an insider preview build issue but need others in this group to confirm if they are using IPB 19592.



Confirmed 19592 user here.

@Brillyints 19592 as well.

@wallybh @Brillyints @DavidM2357 @DrDaveMGP  


This is a reported issue with 19592:


"[ADDED 4/2] We’re working on a fix for an issue causing webcams to not function correctly when attempting to make a video call in Microsoft Teams. The webcam should be unaffected when using Microsoft Teams via the browser."

best response confirmed by ThereseSolimeno (Microsoft)

@wallybhI had the same issue in Windows build 19592 (insider preview). Just got an update today to version 19603 and voila - Teams is able to activate the cameras again!

@yourHighness I verified the fix, as well.  The 19603 does fix the issue.

Sorry for the late replay. All is working fine now that I am on Insider Preview Build 19603.

Llooks like it was an Inside Preview issue.



I am having the same issue... On desktop app camera doesn't work. Furthermore, when I use Teams my camera is disabled for all other programs. In order to restore it, I have to update my camera drive. Hence, it not only does not work, but it actually messes up my camera drive.


HI. Im using Windows 8.1



same issue


A similar thing has happened to me.
My camera was working perfectly in all apps.  Now it isn't even recognised by Teams Desktop or Skype.
It works in Camera and it works in the online Teams.
I've tried all the suggestions I can find; driver updates, security settings, uninstall and reload and closing all other apps that might use it.  All I get under Camera in the device settings in Teams is "None".
This appears to coincide with an update I had in early December 2020.
It's ridiculous that the 2 apps that most need access to a camera can't find it, yet the most pointless app ever (Camera) is quite ok with it.